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Last Will and Testament Kit

Last Will and Testament Kit

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Last Will and Testament Forms Include:

  • 2x Last Will and Testament's
  • 1x Step by Step Instructions & Guide
  • 1x Completed Example for Reference

Our Last Will and Testament kit's are legal and valid in all 50 states. They have everything you need to write your Will and secure your loved ones futures. Don't wait until it's too late!

Its quick and easy to write your own Will with our do it yourself Will kit, you don't need a lawyer and you don't need any will writing expertise, our Will writing kit does it all for you. The step by step instructions and completed example included in the last will and testament forms make the process quick and easy. Includes 2x Last Will & Testament's just in case of any mistakes.

The Included Last Will and Testament has 11 different sections as follows:

Article I - Revocation & Preliminary Declarations. - Revokes all previous Wills & declares this to be your new Will.

Article II - Governing Law. - To determine which state's specific laws the document adheres to.

Article III - Appointing an Executor. - Appointing someone to carry out your wishes.

Article IV - Specific Bequests. - Specific Gifts that you want to give and to whom.

Article V - Funeral Arrangements. - To list your desired funeral arrangements.

Article VI - Appointing a Guardian.- Appointing someone to take care of your minor children, if you have any. (Optional)

Article VII - Appointing a Pet Caretaker. - Appointing someone to take care of your pets, if you have any. (Optional)

Article VIII - Distribution of Residue. - To decide who will receive the remainder of your estate.

Article IX - No Contest Provision. - Ensures that nobody can contest, dispute or go against your final wishes.

Article X - Expenses & Taxes. - Direction for you chosen executor in regards to any expenses and taxes.

Article XI - Self-Proving Affidavit. - For Signing and Witnessing the document.

Common Questions

Q - Can your write your own Will without a Lawyer? A - Yes, there is no law that requires a lawyer to write it for you. In truth, anyone can write their own Will provided that all of the necessary legal terms are included and all the necessary procedures are followed correctly. Our Will kit contains all of the necessary terms, so all you have to do is follow the included instructions to write your own Last Will and Testament.

Q -Are do it yourself Will kits valid in all 50 states of the USA? A - Yes, in order for a Will to be valid it needs to have all the necessary legal terms, and the procedures need to be followed correctly. Our Will writing kit provides you with everything you need to write your Will at home.

Q - Do you need to know how to write a Will? A - No, you do not need any Will writing expertise to write your Will with our DIY Will forms, All the hard work is done for you. All you need to do is follow the instructions that are included and write down your last wishes.

Q - Is the Will kit easy to complete? A - Yes, we have made our Last Will & Testament kit as easy as possible, all of the complicated legal stuff is already included, all you need to do is write your wishes and follow the included guide.

Q - Why should I buy a Will Kit from you? A - Lawyers have been overpricing Will writing services for too long, our aim is to enable you to write your Will easily and affordably, without having to pay a fortune. 


Last Will and Testament Kit | Only $14.95 | United States Wills

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